Each New Testament local church is like a drop of water in the river of God's universal church. The local church is a community of believer's that relate together with the supervision of leaders. These leaders have delegated authority from the Lord. The New Testament identifies these designated leaders as Elders (spiritual leaders; Titus 1:5-10; NIV) and Deacons (servant leaders; I Timothy 3:8-13). This is not to say that Elders do not serve or Deacons are not spiritual. It simply states the emphasis of each responsibility. There is a specification of the governmental ministries in which Elders function recorded in Ephesians 4:11-16. These governmental ministries are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.

There is much latitude given in the New Testament regarding church structure. The key New Testament emphasis for church life is the spirituality and the character of the designated leaders and the members, especially those assuming responsibilities. Local church organizations rise and fall by the character of the participants and their capacity to function as a team or body. This truth is vital to glorifying God and accomplishing His will for this covenant community of believers known as Abundant Life Community Church. Below is a brief overview of the designated leaders and their function.

Overview of Key Leadership Designations

Pastors/Elders: Primarily responsible for facilitating the work of the church ministry, training leaders and shepherding the people in the church.

Home Cell Group Leaders: Responsible to lead their group, care for the people and inspire group multiplication within the context of our Home Cell Group Network.

Deacons: Responsible as Designated Servants to perform the work of church ministry by overseeing specific areas of service and exuding a servant's heart.
Abundant Life Community Church
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